Dress Codes & What They Mean [Infographic] – His & Her Guide To Appropriate Attire For Each Dress Code

  Written by on October 20, 2012


So you’re invited to a gala… or a fundraiser… or a seminar luncheon, and the dress code is spelled right out for you in black and white. But what does it really mean? How do you actually translate it into something you can put on your body?

Dress codes can be difficult to decipher at times (particularly when some of them mean the opposite of what you can deduce from looking the words up in Webster’s Dictionary), so below is a run-down of the common U.S. dress codes and what they mean. We offer you this dress code infographic with his-and-her attire photos to guide you through and suggest what might be appropriate to wear for an occasion with the corresponding dress code.

Are you ready? Hold onto your hat… or black tie… whatever the occasion may be! Here’s our simple breakdown of different dress codes and what they mean in U.S. culture, from casual to business casual to smart casual to business and informal, semi-formal and formal attire. We invite you to bookmark this page, pin this image to Pinterest or share via other social media channels for future reference. (click to enlarge)


dress codes infographic

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