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One way to sell a consumer something in the future is simply to get his or her permission in advance. Seth Godin, Best-Selling Author

Email Marketing

Stay connected to your potential customers with an email marketing program designed to regularly remind them why they wanted to stay engaged with your business. Based on your specific market needs, you can spotlight sales and new products, highlight blog posts and company news and announce noteworthy events. Your customers will appreciate the value they receive, whether its inside knowledge or special pricing. After all, they gave their permission to hear from you! Mannix Marketing will help you create and manage compelling campaigns designed to maximize leads and build your brand loyalty.

  • Work with a marketing specialist to create an effective sign-up form on your website where visitors can opt-in to receive your campaigns. We’ll strategize with you to develop ways to build your list, such as running subscribers-only contests or offering exclusive coupons and specials to those who join.
  • You can choose from a variety of services including Email marketing consulting, account set-up, template design, copywriting, distribution and tracking.

At Mannix Marketing, we take a holistic approach toward internet marketing.

We look at your whole business, evaluating all the internet marketing options that will work for you and recommend the best integrated strategies to give you the greatest return on your ad dollar. Whether you are a local brick-and-mortar or an e-commerce business, call us today (518) 743-9424.

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