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In today's information age, a company's website is the key to their entire business. Marcus Sheridan, Author of The Sales Lion

Web Design Services

Can you afford to invest in a website that looks great, but doesn’t build your profits or your brand? Why invest in a pretty website if it doesn’t generate leads and turn browsers into buyers? At Mannix Marketing, you can have both — a beautifully designed site and a successful one. Mannix Marketing looks at your business, your industry and your demographic to design a site that appeals to your core market.

And, we don’t just design for the computer screen. We understand that today’s websites need to look great and perform well on a variety of devices. In fact, it’s predicted that in 2014, more people will view websites on mobile devices than on desktop monitors. Contact us today for a cutting-edge design that is fast loading, search engine friendly and compels your clients to take action.

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With every month that passes, more and more users are using their iPads, Smartphones... and now the iPad Mini to browse the internet. It once was okay to just pinch and zoom the browser to get around the web from your mobile device or tablet, but with these smart devices comes smarter methods for serving up a better user experience (UX)... formatted on the fly. So, if you're not considering the importance of a responsive design, then you're really losing out on a growing chunk of visitors coming to your site. Don't know where to start? Actually we can help out with that! What is…

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