The Start of 2009 Is A Great Time To Talk About Goals

With the beginning of a new year, we all tend to feel a sense of renewal. There’s something about being given a chance to do better, to accomplish something more, or to just put a rough period of time behind us. New Year’s Resolutions are the perfect example of how Americans view a new year as a new opportunity.

I think this is a great time to take inventory of your website and what you would like to accomplish in the coming year. Making clear and realistic goals will help your SEO team to guide your site in the direction that you desire. Our battle plans always start with a goal because you have to have something you can aim for.

Make sure your goals are realistic! Just as we don’t expect to lose 50 pounds in a week, your business also can’t expect to hold a #1 position for your very competitive keyword with your brand new domain name with one page of content. You get the idea. When deciding upon goals, get advice from your SEO Manager. Collaborate on ideas. Back the ideas up with solid research and come up with a set of manageable, achievable goals.

Also when determining goals, make sure to include a measurability factor. If you can’t measure a goal, it can’t be reached. Rank is no longer a great way to measure success – refer to a previous post for further information. Perhaps a goal of how many people you’d like to sign up for your Newsletter, or a goal of how many reservations you’d like to take in a month, or how many downloads you’d like to receive. These are all measurable.

Once you have committed to a goal, make sure it is clear to all involved. If your website is your main vehicle, it may have to be modified to communicate your goals. If you want to promote Gift Certificates, what have you done to give this visibility on your website? Have you added it to your navigation, made a strong call to action and maybe created artwork to draw attention to your plight?

I hope 2009 brings with it a new clarity to the current projects you are working on. This year, it’s time to move forward and achieve! Simplify your projects by breaking down each one with a set of realistic, relevant and measurable goals. This will help you and your SEO team to mold your website into what it needs to be.

My personal New Year’s Resolution: Drink More Water!! Happy 2009 from the Staff at Mannix Marketing!

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