Amberly Rundell Shares Big Brand Secrets for Twitter and Instagram with NYCRAMA

Social media marketing continues to be a very hot topic for today’s businesses, and rightfully so. Considering how much time people are spending on social networking sites, nearly every business wants to learn the ins-and-outs of how to use social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to grow their business. Our very own Amberly Rundell recently spoke to businesses at an event hosted by the New York Capital Region chapter of the American Marketing Association (NYCRAMA), where she unveiled top secrets on how to use Twitter and Instagram for business.

Big Brand Secrets: How to Use Twitter and Instagram to Grow Your Business

As a Digital Marketing Strategist at Mannix Marketing, Amberly Rundell is well-versed in the art of using social media to help businesses reach and engage their target audience. In addition to helping our clients get found online, Amberly shares her insights by speaking to businesses, organizations, and professional associations in Albany, Saratoga, the Adirondacks, and beyond!

Amberly’s presentation, “Big Brand Secrets: How to Grow Your Business Using Twitter and Instagram,” is designed for marketers, business owners, and professionals who want to know how to use Twitter and Instagram to grow their business. During this session, attendees discovered the best practices and special resources that Amberly uses to get more exposure for her clients on a daily basis. Attendees also learned:

  • Why your business needs to be on Twitter and Instagram
  • How to create amazing, compelling content for your Twitter and Instagram audience
  • Best practices, tools, and tips that you can put into action right away

On Twitter and Instagram, Storytelling Reigns Supreme for Businesses

Marketing is no longer about “sell, sell, sell.” It’s about the stories you tell.

This is the year of visual storytelling. The brands that are willing and able to embrace this concept are the ones that are most successful on social media. For a little inspiration, follow big brands like Walt Disney World, Starbucks, Nike, and Four Seasons, who are “doing it right” on social media.

How do you get started with visual storytelling? Pull back the curtains on your business and take your audience on the journey with you.

  • Go behind-the-scenes by showcasing new products, projects, and virtual tours
  • Highlight your employees and their role in your brand’s story
  • Share captivating quotes and statistics about your industry

Instagram is a highly visual social media site, while Twitter is very well known for being the “in the moment” social media site. To engage your audience on these platforms, take out your smart phone and capture behind the scenes moments at your business. Special moments are happening all around you, no matter your business or industry.

Most importantly, stop selling and start helping!

Create a list of your customers’ most frequently asked questions. As the expert in your niche, use your knowledge and industry expertise to answer your customers’ burning questions through tips, checklists, blog posts, buyer guides and more, and then share this great content on your social media accounts. The next time your buyers have a problem or question, they’ll be more likely to turn to the expert who’s been helping them all along (hopefully, that’s you!).

Finally, be sure to experiment with videos. Amberly challenges you to make one new video each week in the month ahead. Share your favorite tips, photos of your customers enjoying your products, behind-the-scenes tours, and more.

Favorite Instagram Tools for Business

Flipagram: Flipgram is a free app that lets you easily make videos for Instagram. In a matter of minutes, you can group together photos or videos and then add music in the background. Use it to showcase your products or your customers using your products, promote an upcoming event, share tips, and more!

Canva: Canva is a free tool that can take the stress out of creating amazing graphics for social media. This app lets you quickly and easily design compelling visuals. The best part? You don’t even have to worry about image sizing. Choose from a variety of templates which provide the correct image dimensions by platform.

Muzy: Muzy is another free app that allows you to create collages of your favorite images on-the-fly.

WordSwag: WordSwag is a paid app that lets you add text to your photos for Instagram in a professional layout. This app costs $3.99 but is well worth the money!

Favorite Twitter Tools for Business

Click to Tweet: Do you have a powerful quote or a stat on your website that visitors would love to share with their friends on Twitter? Make it super easy for visitors to share that quote or stat from your website by using Click to Tweet! When a visitor clicks the link, Click to Tweet creates a pre-populated tweet with your quote and handle on Twitter so that visitors can easily share it with their friends and help spread your message.

Hashtagify: Have you ever struggled with finding the right hashtag to use in your tweet for optimal exposure? Hashtagify solves that problem by helping you discover trending and relevant hashtags. You can also use Hashtagify to see which hastags are being used by influencers on Twitter.

Twitter Success Stories: You can filter your view by your industry or by a specific goal. Follow small businesses similar to you to discover what they’re doing right on Twitter.

Leverage Social Media to Reach More Customers

Looking for more tips on how to use Twitter or Instagram for your business? Contact Mannix Marketing today to find out how we can help you get found online!

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