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5 Sizzling Summer Advertising Ideas to Drive More Business Now!

Looking for ways to get more exposure for your business, attraction, or special events this summer? Whether you’re trying to reach more locals or tourists in Albany, Saratoga, Lake George, or the surrounding regions, here’s how you can quickly and easily drive engagement and reach more customers online with the power of Mannix Marketing’s local guides and advertising …

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How to drive tourism to your business this summer

How to Successfully Market Your Summer Camp

It’s no secret that marketing your summer camp is essential for increasing your enrollment rates. As a digital marketing agency that promotes summer camps, one of the most common questions we hear is “How should I market my summer camp?” In this article, we’ll break-down this all-important question based on years of experience helping summer camps in Albany, Saratoga, the Adirondacks, and beyond get found …

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summer camp marketing

6 Things You Must Do If You Don’t Want to Lose Customers in 2016

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, getting a grip on your online presence might be the most important place to start! For businesses in the Albany, Saratoga, Lake George, and nearby regions, here are some powerful local online advertising tips from our Digital Marketing Strategists to help you crush the competition and get more attention this …

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local online marketing checklist 2016

What Are Google AdWords Ad Extensions?

For those with an active Google AdWords account, being up to speed on the power of ad extensions could have a huge impact on your business. If you are not ready to absorb the knowledge associated with ad extensions quite yet, you may be interested in reading up on what exactly is Google AdWords.

Back to the main topic about what ad extensions are. They are extra elements to basic AdWords ad text that provides more information to a searcher that …

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Alaska Cruise AdWords ad

Space is Limited for our First Ever Digital Marketing Conference: M2Con – May 2, 2013 – Register NOW!

I am so excited to announce Mannix Marketing ‘s first ever Digital Marketing Conference. We have named it M2Con Digital Marketing Conference (all of us at Mannix Marketing have been calling the company M2 for years, so we felt it was appropriate!)

The conference will be a smorgasbord of  information including:

Web Design Trends for 2013
How to use and view Google Analytics
Ways to market your business on Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest
How to get more qualified leads for your business
How giveaways are a …

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Mannix Marketing Gets Props From DomainSherpa!



On the heels of the latest Expo, a recent post on DomainSherpa discusses the five biggest takeaways from the event that are trending today.

Michael Cyger cites Sara Mannix, President of Mannix Marketing, in one of the takeaway points with her recommendations on how to build the brand, and not just rely on the weight of the domain name. Mannix Marketing owns and operates several geodomain websites including, and

If you were one of the unfortunate ones unable to …

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The #NewFacebook And How It Will Effect Social Media, EdgeRank, And Marketing

Facebook has been going through changes since day one, and every time an upgrade is released the walls and news feeds of the most popular social network in the world become saturated with complaints. I am constantly begging people to stop complaining and embrace the changes that Facebook continues to make. I mean, lets be real, if Facebook never made any changes, many of you wouldn’t be allowed to access the site, and it would still look like this:

This …

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The Startling Secret to Getting Positive Reviews for your Business

I wanted to share a recent event that occurred with one of our clients on, who was gracious enough to let us share his story with you!, like so many other sites online today, allows users to post reviews. Every time someone posts a review, the client receives the review instantly so they can see what it says and react as they so …

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Deal of the Day! Groupon! Deal of the Week! Today’s Deal! Living Social… is it for you?

Article by: Sara Mannix, CEO of Mannix Marketing, Inc.

Customers frequently ask me – should I do Groupon? Or Deal of the Day? The answer is “it depends.” Discounting is not for everyone’s business, but for some, it can be a great way to market their business at no upfront expense.

The recent Huffington Post article on “Using Groupon ‘Worst Decision I have Ever Made,’ Says Merchant” highlights the problems with jumping on the latest bandwagon. You need to have a …

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