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How to Successfully Market Your Summer Camp

It’s no secret that marketing your summer camp is essential for increasing your enrollment rates. As a digital marketing agency that promotes summer camps, one of the most common questions we hear is “How should I market my summer camp?” In this article, we’ll break-down this all-important question based on years of experience helping summer camps in Albany, Saratoga, the Adirondacks, and beyond get found …

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summer camp marketing

How to Promote Local Business…1899-Style

How to promote local businesses has been an essential question for hundreds of years – literally! Today, with digital tourism and hospitality marketing, it is easier than ever to reach thousands of potential customers or clients.

But that wasn’t always the case!

So how did Lake George become such a tourist hot spot, and how did visitors to the lake know where to find the best dining, lodging, and entertainment before the advent of local online guides like …

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Lake George Fireworks

The New A Guide to the Lake George Region a regional online guide owned and operated by Mannix Marketing, Inc.- has recently launched a new and improved design that makes it easier than ever for visitors to find local businesses, specials, things to do, and so much more in Lake George, NY! As a top guide to the region, generated nearly 3 million website visits in the past year alone, attracting both tourists and locals looking for things to do in the Lake George …

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What is a display ad?


Display advertising is a graphic  online advertisement, much like a billboard. Display ads appear next to content on web pages. There are various types, sizes and formats for a display ads including static banner ads, rich media ads with movement, flash ads, video ads and more. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising relies on elements such as images, logos, audio and video to communicate an advertising message. Static ads are about the click and branding, while rich media ads are about …

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How do I edit my microsite?


Editing your microsite on is very easy to do!

Login to You should have a login and password. (If you do not already have one, please call us at 518-743-9424 or email and we can get you set up in a jiffy!)
Once logged in, click on Edit Your Business Details.
Find the microsite you want to edit. Click Select This Business Listing.
At the top of the next page, there are multiple tabs to edit. Here, you can change / …

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Why should I advertise on

  by is the #1 online guide to Lake George.  Business owners have the potential to be found by nearly 400,000 visits per month, plus users of the On the Go! app for iPhone. Many of these visitors are tourists planning their vacation to Lake George. Others are residents looking for local businesses, services and real estate in the area. Demographic Makeup: 61% household income of $60,000+, 56% aged 35-50+ and 61% college and/or graduate school educated.

*2012 stats from Smarter …

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I want a website but can't afford one, what do you recommend?


Having your business information available online is very important. If you do not have the money to invest into a website at the moment, a very affordable way to get your name out there is to buy a listing on one of our online guides (if your business targets local clients in Upstate NY). this comes with a micro-site – a small website. Then you can simply purchase your business domain,, and we can direct traffic from there to …

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