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What the Change to the Facebook 20% Text Rule Means for Your Ads

Earlier this month, Facebook eliminated a rule that allowed only 20% of an image used for an ad to be covered with text. For years, any image used in a boost post or ad campaign could be tested with the Facebook Grid Tool, which would overlay a 5×5 grid on your photo. If five of the grid squares contained text, the ad wouldn’t be approved and you would have to try a different image for your ad. This requirement has …

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20 percent

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Likes

It’s no secret that imagery is one of the most important assets when posting social media content. Every post should have an image whether you’re announcing a deal on Facebook or a new product on Twitter. Most marketers would likely agree that including an image is better than not including an image.

There are some subtle differences in how imagery affects your post, how users interact with your post, and consequently, how many people your post reaches. Your fan base or …

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Amberly Rundell Shares Big Brand Secrets for Twitter and Instagram with NYCRAMA

Social media marketing continues to be a very hot topic for today’s businesses, and rightfully so. Considering how much time people are spending on social networking sites, nearly every business wants to learn the ins-and-outs of how to use social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to grow their business. Our very own Amberly Rundell recently spoke to businesses at an event hosted by the New York Capital Region chapter of the American Marketing Association (NYCRAMA), where she unveiled …

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Facebook Users Can Now Subscribe to Follow Events

Facebook now lets users subscribe to events! This feature allows users to opt in to be notified when their favorite business (or band/restaurant/artist, etc.) hosts an upcoming event.

(Image: Facebook)

So for example, let’s say I was a fan of local band “Gravity” and I wanted to follow all of their gigs. To subscribe, I would visit their event page and click the “subscribe” button. Now, whenever the band hosts a new event, I’ll receive a notification letting me know about …

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Tweets Now Appearing in Google Mobile Search Results

A new feature recently hit the Google mobile app which lets people view tweets in Google’s mobile search results without being logged into Twitter. This is good news for people who don’t use Twitter but may be interested in something or someone that is active on the platform. The new feature will also benefit social media users, as tweets can now potentially get more reach than they could when you had to use Twitter to find …

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What the Latest Facebook News Feed Algorithm Update Means for Your Business

Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out yet another set of updates which are intended to balance-out the content on your News Feed from your friends and the pages that you follow. The average adult user has over 300 Facebook friends (this number is higher amongst younger users), and with all those updates, you’d expect the New Feed to need a little cleaning-up from time to time. However, the latest update could have major implications for businesses who use Facebook to …

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How to Use Facebook Marketing Buttons on Your Website

Including social interaction on your website has not only become common now-a-days, it’s become expected! When a user sees something interesting on the internet, they’ll often expect some type of button that lets them quickly and easily share the content with their friends through a single click. Social media platforms like Facebook have continued to improve on the process of adding these buttons to your website, but it can still be difficult to sort through the many different types and intents of integration they …

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