As Facebook news feeds and Twitter update streams get saturated with up-to-the-minute posts, it becomes harder for your message to stand out from competitors. Fortunately, Google Plus allows you to format your posts with shortcodes. Google+ shortcodes can help your message capture more attention – in turn, this can influence consumers’ engagement with your content. Naturally, the more engagement your Google+ content receives, the more people will circle (follow) you, and the more you’ll show up in their searches (Google’s personalized search results).

We’ve compiled some of the best formatting shortcodes and shortcut functions to make the most of your Google+ profile. If you have more tips to add to this list – please feel free to share them in the comments section!

  1. Italicize the text
    Use _italic text_ to show ➜ italic text
  2. Bold text
    Use *bold text* to show ➜ bold text
  3. Strikethrough text
    Use -strikethrough text- to show ➜ strikethrough text
  4. Tagging
    Tag people in posts by adding a ‘+’ or ‘@’ symbol in front of their name
    @Mannix Marketing or +Mannix Marketing ➜ +Mannix Marketing
    Google Plus Formatting Shortcodes
  5. Post quickly
    Press [Tab] then [Enter] after writing a comment on a post to submit it quickly.
  6. Navigation shortcuts for Google Plus
    [Space] ➜ Scroll down stream
    [Shift] + [Space] ➜ Scroll up stream
    [J] ➜ Single post down scroll
    [K] ➜ Single post up scroll
    [Enter] ➜ Start comment
    [Tab] then [Enter] ➜ End/Post comment
  7. Disable comments
    Disable comments or re-sharing (▽)After you post, click the little dropdown arrow (▽) in the upper right of the post to disable comments or disable resharing (i.e., for things you don’t want to spread beyond your specified audience).
  8. Add media
    Add photos, videos and links simply by dragging the links directly to the share box
  9. Private messages
    Send private messages by just sharing the post with that person
  10. Permalinks
    Click on the timestamp of the post to get the permalink of that particular post
  11. Liking/unliking posts
    Clicking the +1 button on a post is the same as “Like” on Facebook. Clicking the +1 button again will remove your +1
  12. Sharing +1s on your +1 page
    Using +1 on a post will not list the post on your +1 page… BUT using +1 on the web will

Google Plus is a great way to improve your overall marketing – from engaging with your customers to dominating the search results with Google personalized results. Discover what type of social media strategy works best for your business by requesting a free consultation with our Internet Marketing team today!

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