The Lofts at Harmony Mills Local SEO and Content Marketing Results in 10x More Leads

The Lofts at Harmony Mills is a Cohoes-based luxury apartment complex offering high-end rental spaces to residential and commercial tenants.

  • 40% year-over-year increase in visitors to the website
  • 30% growth in traffic from Google organic search
  • 10x Increase in Qualified leads

Based on a review of The Lofts’ goals, target audience, and marketing assets, we designed an aggressive local SEO and content marketing strategy to help increase their visibility in the search engines, attract more potential renters to their website, and generate more qualified leads from the web.

After performing the keyword research and creating a picture of their ideal buyer (i.e. buyer persona), we began building out the information on the website by adding content that spoke to renters’ needs and helped address their concerns. This involved detailed information that visually and verbally conveyed the uniqueness of The Lofts’ rental units, insider perspectives on regional amenities, local travel times for commuters, and more.

By working closely with our design team throughout the process, custom calls-to-action were created and strategically placed on the website to guide visitors deeper into the site where they could learn about the various rental options as well the region. In addition, targeted pop-up messages and lead generation forms (which encouraged users to “Request More Information” or “Schedule a Tour”) helped convert more visitors into leads.

In addition to helping buyers become better-informed about The Lofts’ apartments and the surrounding region, the content strategy not only attracted more buyers to their website- it also helped drive more qualified leads through the site.

Increased Traffic and More Qualified Leads

The Lofts’ website grew tremendously over the course of this monthly SEO program- but that wasn’t the only thing that was growing. By continuously adding high-quality information to their website and optimizing that content for the search engines, these efforts helped The Lofts experience:

  • 40% year-over-year increase in visitors to the website
  • 20% more page views on the site year-over-year
  • 30% growth in traffic from Google organic search
  • 70% increase in traffic from Bing organic search
  • Qualified leads from website grew by 10X

As more consumers go online to search for apartments in the Albany region, The Lofts at Harmony Mills is better positioned for showing up in the search results and attracting said consumers to their website. By partnering with an award-winning SEO agency to help grow their online presence, they’re making it easier for renters to find luxurious, conveniently-located apartments in the Albany region, while boosting their occupancy rates.

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