Responsive Image of Confidata's Website

Website Redesign Shreds Page Load Speed & Increases Traffic

As a leader in local paper shredding services, ConfiData needed a faster loading website with cleaner code in order to improve the user experience and overall search engine health.

The Results

  • 60% Decrease in Page Load Speed
  • 80% Increase in Mobile Traffic
  • 106% Increase in Organic Traffic

Mannix Builds Custom Website for ConfiData

ConfiData’s old website was developed on a template that had extraneous code, bogging the page load speed down which hindered SEO efforts and made content updates inefficient. The goal of the new website was to drastically improve page load speed, update content and graphic design elements, and improve the overall user experience in order to improve the overall search engine health and increase the number of viable leads coming from the website.

ConfiData’s website features a clean, simple look and navigation that makes it much more user friendly.  Since it was designed to deliver an optimized user experience on all devices and screen sizes, it outperforms the old site on mobile devices, leading to an 80% increase in mobile traffic within the first 30 days since go live. By utilizing clean, custom code, we were able to decrease the page load speed from 3 seconds to 1.2 seconds. This along with our foundational SEO services led to a 106% increase in organic traffic.

Working with Mannix Marketing has been a breath of fresh air after going through probably four or five other marketing companies because things are either done on time or early.

Rob Shauger | Confidata