DK Advanced Technologies Website Design and Development

Microbottling solution for craft beer microbrewers and wineries

DK Advanced Technologies creates machinery that solves a very common problem in the beverage industry: providing affordable bottling and capping equipment for small microbreweries and wineries. When Dan approached Mannix Marketing with his new business and flagship product (the MicroBottler), he needed help spreading the word about the MicroBottler and conveying its value to microbreweries and wineries alike.

The Results

  • 209% Increase in Visits
  • 211% Increase in Organic Search Traffic
  • 3x Increase in Conversions

The first phase of this program entailed the design and development of a brand new website to showcase DK Advanced Technologies’ equipment make it easy for visitors to request a quote.

Once the new website was launched, we initiated phase two which involved a monthly digital marketing program to improve the company’s search engine placements, generate more traffic, and get visitors to request a quote through the website.


Generally speaking, it can take a while for a brand new website to start ranking well in the search engines for important keyword phrases. However, this website was built with SEO in-mind, and the ongoing SEO efforts yielded phenomenal results in a short amount of time.

Today, DK Advanced Technologies is showing up on page 1 of the organic search results for important keyword phrases, such as:

  • small scale beer bottling machine
  • semi automatic cider bottling line
  • semi automatic beer bottling line
  • small scale bottling line

And by month 6 of this digital marketing program:

  • Website Visits increased by 209%
  • Traffic from Organic Search increased by 211%
  • Time on Site increased by nearly 20%
  • Conversions (inquiries) increased 3X
  • Most inquiries come from people who found the website in organic search

In addition to generating more online inquiries for the Micro-Bottler, sales for DK Advanced Technologies’ Micro-Bottler have also increased.

This case study illustrates how an SEO friendly website and marketing program can help on a manufacturing company generate more business. Building an SEO friendly website and running an ongoing digital marketing program has already had a profound impact on DK Advanced Technologies’ placements in Google organic search results, website traffic, inquiries, and sales opportunities.