Original Works SEO Marketing Increases Site Traffic by 25%

Original Works is the leading school fundraising program in the country. It’s a program that takes students artwork and places it on everyday products to sell for fundraising. Items like t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and magnets are some of the most popular products within the program. The core of the program and why it has been so successful for so many schools, is that each student sells products with their individual artwork on it to their families, friends and neighbors. There is a personal touch to each and every item sold.

  • 47  Top 30 Placements
  • 56% Increase in the number of phrases generating traffic
  • 25% Increase in site visits

Original Works helps schools, organizations and associations raise money to cover operational costs and special projects. Their website is an important part of how they communicate with and market to these groups. By instituting SEO as part of their operations, Original Works has provided schools and groups with an easy to use website that allows them to see new products and communicate with OW. The SEO program also introduces the OW program to thousands of new educators and group leaders each and every year, giving them a new option that has proven to be successful time and time again. By continuing to follow both old and new SEO practices, OW could see positive results for many school years to come.

To help drive more traffic to the website and generate more leads from schools, districts, community organizations and other associations, OW and Mannix Marketing partnered for search engine optimization program. From developing unique titles and meta descriptions for each page and rewriting content to developing stronger calls to actions, the SEO program was a combination of both basic and more complex SEO tactics.

Results of SEO Plan

  • Search Engine Placements: when we started the SEO program, of the 75 keyword phrases we were targeting, only 2 had top 30 rankings in any of the 4 major search engines. After 16 months of SEO, we have increased number of phrases with at least one top 30 position to 47 (in Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask).
  • The number of phrases generating traffic to the site increased 56% from June-Dec to June-Dec of the following year.
  • The number of visits generated by the search engines increased 25% from June-Dec to June-Dec of the following year.

Keyword Placement Highlights

  • Top 3 in Google for ‘art based fundraiser’, ‘art based fundraising’, ‘art fundraising’ and ‘fundraising gifts’.
  • Top 3 in Bing for ‘art based fundraiser’, ‘art based fundraising’ and ‘student artwork fundraiser’.


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