Liberty Rose Bed and Breakfast Website Design and Development

B&B In Historic Town Gets Modern Website Redesign

Liberty Rose is an elegant bed and breakfast in Williamsburg VA. Looking to modernize their website with an updated look and mobile-friendly functionality, they contact Mannix Marketing for a professional bed and breakfast website.

An elegant design coupled with warm shades of red, white, and gold help convey the richness of this century-old property. Strategically placed calls-to-action encourage visitors to explore the rooms, learn about the inn, and book their stay.  17% lower bounce rate means that more people are not leaving the site after visiting one page (bouncing), higher organic site traffic means more people are finding the site in Google and Bing.

The Results

  • 36%More Organic Site Traffic
  • 17%Lower Bounce Rate
  • 84%More Time on Site

We have had our best spring ever.

Mike Farrell | Liberty Rose Bed & Breakfast