Church Linens Short SEO Program Overwhelms Business Owner with New Business

Church Linens is a company that sells the linen and fabric used to make church-related vestments. In addition, the owner Elizabeth Morgan has written many books and kits on the subject. These are also for sale on her website. Visitors to the Church Linen website include church staff or church members who are in charge of making the clergy stoles, choir robes or any myriad of church garments for the clergy or choir members.

  • 180 top-30 positions
  • 69 Top 5 placements for the keywords chosen
  • 10,000 Visits Per Month

Church Linens had previously undergone a Boost several years ago. She came to us again because she was expanding her product line and wanted to promote herself via Internet Marketing. One of the glaring issues that I noticed when we started optimization is that her traffic was at a stand still. She was getting virtually the same amounts of traffic each month for the duration of the year. I’m so used to seeing the staircase effect (slow but steady increases) that improving on this quickly became a goal. Another issue was the l-o-n-g pages that she had. We took the opportunity to split some of these up, creating new pages to optimize. She still has long pages, but they are not nearly what they used to be. In addition to seo, traffic analysis and new pages … we needed to modify her navigation which was initially confusing. We broke out her navigation according to topic and she is very pleased with the outcome. Apparently, so are her searchers because they are finding what they need and purchasing!

Results of Search Engine Optimization Plan

  • Search Engine Placements: Increased number of top-30 positions from 132 to 180. The site currently enjoys 69 top 5 placements for the keywords chosen.
  • Realized a first-time presence for many important industry keywords, such as ‘custom made vestments’
  • Traffic on the move! Keep in mind, we are only a few weeks from finishing this project. Already, her visits from January came extremely close to the 10,000 visits mark. In the entire year, she ranged from 7,000 – 8,500 visits. We anticipate traffic to continue increasing.

Keyword Placement Highlights

  • 8 in Google for ‘vestments’ and number 6 for ‘custom made vestments’
  • 1 in Live for ‘custom made vestments’
  • 1 in Yahoo for ‘custom made vestments’

A happy client: Elizabeth has expressed much excitement about the new functionality of her website. The results have almost overwhelmed her! Outside of SEO, Mannix Marketing assisted Elizabeth in adding PayPal so that the purchasing could be done without her assistance. The combination of making her site function properly and navigate logically has brought Elizabeth’s business to a point where she can hardly keep up with the inquiries and purchases.

With Advent and Christmas before us, I’m entering into the busiest time of my year (followed immediately by Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost – no end in sight!). The work you guys did on my website last year increased my business by 65%!

Elizabeth Morgan | Church Linens and Vestments

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