View of website for Takendewide on mobile device and desktop
  • 8% Increase in Revenue
  • 100%Booked for the Summer Months
  • 2xMore Organic Search Traffic

• Traffic more than doubled!!!! 104% increase based on total sessions
• Unique visitors to the site increased 123%
• Page views increased 67%
• Pages per session and time on site lowered but that means they found what they wanted quicker
• Bounce rate decreased
• Traffic from TRIPLED!!!!
• Traffic DOUBLED from organic search.

Our gross rental revenue was up 8%.  And our rental rate also improved—we were 100% booked from June 24 – September 6 and had a robust spring and a good fall.  We actually had fewer properties to rent this year so we were expecting a small decrease in the rental revenue.  However, our results surpassed our expectations.  We found the process of working with your firm to create the web page very collaborative and obviously successful!

Lynne Mason | Takundewide Lakefront Resort and Cottages

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