Digital PR & Social Media Buzz

Building links to your website is an important part of any SEO plan, although the strategies have changed quite a bit in recent years. In today’s online environment, if you want links, you’ll have to earn them.

How do you do this? Earning links requires you to focus on content that makes people ‘want’ to link to your site. By creating great content that is unique and fresh, captures your voice and defines what you are trying to say, you’ll be seen as an authority in your industry. Why is that important? Brand authorities get links, and links get pages ranked higher in the search engines.

  • Great copy can create a social media buzz — a viral boost that can build awareness of your brand and your website. The more people share your copy, the more people will link to it, and your traffic and search visibility goes up as a result.
  • Writing great copy takes talent and time. Work with our team of professional copywriters who have been creating compelling copy that is worthy of links since 1996.