Rick MarchantSenior Digital Marketing Strategist

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About Rick

Since Rick joined Mannix Marketing in 2009, he has been putting his varied background in digital media to work for our clients. Rick is an energetic, well-connected marketing specialist - a self-described "jack-of-all-trades." He enjoys helping local small businesses grow and bringing traffic through their doors. One particular area of his expertise stems from his familiarity with non-profits. Extremely active within the community, Rick is involved in various local festivals and events, charities and causes. He uses this understanding to help non-profits and other organizations tie their advertising and outreach analysis to needed grant outcomes. Outside of work, Rick has a heart for volunteering and putting his hands to work for a wide range of important community causes.

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Fun Facts about Rick

What is your favorite book (or movie) of all time?
Matilda by Roald Dahl – Ever since reading Matilda in the 2nd grade, I’ve always felt a connection to Matilda (the main character, duh). She was struggling herself, but kept looking out for the people around her and did everything she could to save others from strife. I definitely see similarities in myself and do like to believe that I have telekinetic powers.

What is your favorite place in the world?
Nelson Pond in VT – Ever since before I was born, my parents have been taking me to Nelson Pond for the summer (and sometimes for snowshoeing/skiing/snowmobiling). One of the cleanest and most serene bodies of water in the US, Nelson Pond just smells, sounds and feels more pure and amazing than any other place on earth. Many swear that the waters have healing powers.. If you are suffering with poison ivy, no calamine lotion compares.

Find it on a map, I dare you! It’s like the source of Poland Springs: everybody will point a different direction far away from the actual location. Martha Stewart once did an ice fishing “field trip” from an undisclosed/mysterious location at the end of my sister’s dock. Rumor has it that even Google Maps has this location blurred from satellite view….

Do you have any special skills or weird talents?
I took 4 years of “Auto Shop” in High School – If you ask any of my friends or clients today, most would be surprised to know that I was once a “grease monkey.” My goal in high school was to one day become an Engineer like my dad. I wanted to design alternative / renewable energy sources for cars. I once could do an oil change in under ten minutes, rebuild an engine, or even replace your axle like any pro. It was just a huge bonus, that my teachers let me play with magnetic levitation and solar panels on the side.