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All website hosting is the same – It’s super easy to set up and should be super cheap too, right? Not really. There’s a bit more to it than that. If you are looking at hosting options consider the following: Hosting speed and reliability impacts search engine visibility.

The faster a website loads and the less often it is down for maintenance, the better your site will perform in Google. In addition, there is a direct relationship between page load speed and conversion rates. When you host with Mannix Marketing, you will benefit from:

  • Fast servers and knowledgeable support staff dedicated to providing excellent customer service 24-7. No matter when you call, even on Christmas and New Years, you can always dial emergency support. One of us will call you back and fix things. Someone is always on-call for emergencies.
  • Proper setup for your website needs. No bad neighbors: we don’t host porn sites or spam sites, and we limit the number of websites per server to ensure your site always has the optimal performance speed it needs. And we back-up your website, every single night.

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At Mannix Marketing, we take a holistic approach toward internet marketing.

We look at your whole business, evaluating all the internet marketing options that will work for you and recommend the best integrated strategies to give you the greatest return on your ad dollar. Whether you are a local brick-and-mortar or an e-commerce business, call us today (518) 743-9424.

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