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A website that can’t be found online isn’t going to help your business, no matter how great it looks. And, a website that isn’t designed with visitors in mind, won’t convert them to buyers, if they do find it. Can a website do both? Yes. At Mannix Marketing, we’ve been creating award-winning websites, and getting them found, since 1996.  What makes a site search engine friendly?

  • Fast loading? You bet. Reliable hosting? Crawlable link structure? Of course. Great content and keyword usage? That’s our specialty. But we don’t stop there.
  • We optimize the images, the website ‘code’, the scripts, stylesheets and meta-data — things the search engines see differently than visitors — to ensure your website performs better and faster than the rest.

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At Mannix Marketing, we take a holistic approach toward internet marketing.

We look at your whole business, evaluating all the internet marketing options that will work for you and recommend the best integrated strategies to give you the greatest return on your ad dollar. Whether you are a local brick-and-mortar or an e-commerce business, call us today (518) 743-9424.

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