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Boathouse Bed and Breakfast

Joe and Patti Silipigno opened the Boathouse Bed & Breakfast in 1999.  The beautiful inn was an immediate success due to the innkeepers personalities and the sheer beauty of the inn – its location is literally on Lake George.  After working with another web designer, they hired Mannix Marketing to design a new website.  The visits grew so substantially, they say “it really shocked us”.  With the introduction of SEO, PPC, and internet marketing their site visits tripled and they topped their best year by over 100 booked rooms.

Launched: January 2009

We hate change, but we knew that it was time for the Boathouse Bed and Breakfast to reach out for a bigger piece of the pie. So we connected with Sara & the Mannix Marketing Team in November of 2008. It was the best call we have ever made!! Within days, we all met and worked on a total new internet look and advertising strategy for 2009.The Mannix Marketing team created a new website with all the key ingredients; that resulted in our website being found by the top search engines. Next the team put together a SEO plan that reached out to the masses. The combination of both strategies payed off big time. Our website got rave reviews from our guests and lodging seekers. Our placement position in the World & USA increased by 220% according to (Alexa Web Information Co.). The Mannix team recommended a 90 day “pay per click” program; a small investment for a big return. According to my website tracker, my hits and views more than doubled and some days it even tripled. To sum it up, the year is just about over for the Boathouse Bed and Breakfast but because of the change (website & SEO plan) and the professionalism of the Mannix Marketing Team in the toughest economy and poor summer weather conditions the Boathouse Bed and Breakfast had the best year in 9 years of business. We beat our best room rental year by 106 rooms and still counting. For a seven room B&B which is open only eight months a year, this was “HUGE”.Thanks to all at Mannix Marketing and we cannot wait to see what we can do for 2010.
Joe and Patti Silipigno

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