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C.T. Male Associates

C.T. Male Associates is a nationally ranked engineering and architectural design firm in the Capital Region. For over 100 years, C.T. Male Associates  has served a diversified mix of public and private clients specializing in architectural services, building system engineering, energy services, environmental consulting and land surveying services.

They sought a website design that conveyed the level of experience, professionalism and precision they are known for providing. We designed an engineering website that showcased their work at different stages of development with an oversized slideshow of images. Strong calls to action funnel users to view their portfolio, which further hammers home their extraordinary work and versatility.

Mannix Marketing was hired to design a responsive (mobile friendly), search engine optimized, easily updateable website.

Launched: September 2013

The calls to action are great. They drive visitors to click to other parts of the site and dig deeper into what we do as a company, and what services we could provide to that specific visitor.We are extremely pleased with the new website... Mannix did an outstanding job of creating a professional site, rich with images that draw attention to our services. The site is more organized now- everything on each page has a reason for being there and it makes the site easier to explore.
Bryce LaDuc
Marketing Coordinator

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