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Currie Associates

Currie Associates provides an array of regulatory compliance training programs and auditing services to businesses that handle and ship dangerous goods. Because Lara, Chris, Anne and the other members of the Currie Associates team rely on their website as a means of informing buyers about their services and gathering new leads, their website needed to do a better job of reflecting their status as a leader in their unique industry while helping potential clients find the information they need, learn more about Currie Associates’ solutions, and get in touch to discuss their compliance issues.

The new Currie Associates website makes it easy for visitors to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for no matter where they are on the website, as a modern navigation menu that includes links to different pages on the site is featured prominently across the top of every page. Currie Associates’ three core services are displayed in the middle of the page along with strategic calls-to-action that encourage visitors to learn more about the service that best fits their compliance need.

Easy-to-use lead generation forms provide a clear and easy path for visitors to request additional information, while the detailed form fields now make it easier for Currie Associates to better qualify their incoming leads by collecting more specific information about the buyers’ needs.

Whether buyers are accessing Currie Associates’ website on a desktop or mobile device, the new site will naturally reformat to fit these different screen dimensions because it was built using responsive web design.


Launched: October 2014

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