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DK Advanced Technologies Logo Design

DK Advanced Technologies

DK Advanced Technologies is a manufacturer of bottling and capping machinery for microbreweries. When Dan reached out to us, he needed a unique logo to convey the professionalism, reliability, and innovation behind his new business. An initial discovery conversation about the business, machinery, and target market gave our team the details to create a brand new logo to represent DK Advanced Technologies.

We used a strong blue and gray color scheme to convey a message of professionalism, innovation, and reliability. Bold lettering in “DK” was used to promote the sturdiness of the brand, while a lighter font for “Advanced Technologies” conveys the message of precision and attention to detail. From there, we encircled the name with a gear icon to help illustrate the mechanical, technology-oriented nature of the business. This icon has a dual meaning, as the shape also resembles the top of a bottle cap to help speak to his target audience (microbreweries).