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Eddy Senior Living Communities Website Design and Development

Eddy Senior Living Communities

Eddy Senior Living Communities – a division of St. Peter’s Health Partners- offers independent living, enriched housing/assisted living, and innovative memory care community for seniors. When the Eddy and St. Peter’s Health Partners contacted Mannix Marketing for a modern, professional senior living website, they knew it needed to convey the warmth, professionalism, and high-quality standards embodied by the Eddy Senior Living and St. Peter’s Health Partners brand.

Senior Living Community Website Conveys Compassion and Professionalism at Every Level

Finding the right senior living community can be a major decision for seniors and their caregivers. To bring ease to this process, the Eddy website creates a warm and inviting feel using rich colors, friendly images, and compelling copy that introduces visitors to their senior living communities and guides them in the right direction.

The goal of the redesign was to create a professional and warm welcome to Eddy Senior Living Communities, and to introduce prospective residents and caregivers to the wide range of senior living communities. The website speaks to seniors and caregivers who are searching for senior living communities and care services in the Capital Region.

One of Eddy Senior Living’s differentiators is the wide range of senior living options that are available. Visitors are encouraged to explore the various types of senior living communities- from independent living to enriched housing/assisted living to memory care.

The strong sense of community and wide range of on-site activities plays a key role in the resident experience, and this unique value proposition is incorporated throughout the website- from the home page to deeper pages where visitors can learn about community activities and events.

We also reorganized the content on the website to provide a better flow and to help visitors quickly and easily find the most important information for their needs. The website is designed to foster a dialogue with visitors and encourage them to request more information about the senior living communities that best match their needs.

Launched: November 2016

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Eddy Senior Living Independent Living Communities Website

Finding the Best Senior Living Communities

With so many senior living communities to choose from, visitors can get a quick overview of each community without feeling overwhelmed with information.

We developed modern layouts featuring ample breathing room around the content to give visitors a snapshot of the many senior living communities. From here, prospective residents and caregivers can click-through to community landing pages where they’ll find more details about each community.

Eddy Senior Living Beechwood Community Details Page

Explore Communities at a Glance

Each senior living community has its own unique features and amenities. To shine a light on these benefits, we designed community landing pages on the website where prospective residents and their caregivers can discover what makes each community so unique. Visitors can:

  • Browse photos and videos
  • Learn about services and amenities
  • View floor plans
  • Find upcoming events
  • Get directions
  • Request more information