Excel Aquatics is a local business that provides swim lessons throughout the year at various pools in the Albany area. Lessons are available for kids as well as adults, and classes never have a student to teacher ratio greater than 4:1. Their lessons were not always full, and they believed that if they improved the design and functionality of their website that they would see increases in enrollment.  They partnered with Mannix Marketing in order to develop a more engaging website that told a better story of all the types of lessons they offered, and make it easier to sign up for lessons or training.

Making it Simple for Website Visitors
Screenshot of the entire length of Excel Aquatics website homepage

The Results

Within the new SEO-friendly website, it is very obvious to a visitor as to where they should go. On the home page, directly under the ‘Learn to Swim’ header are the buttons ‘Kids Classes’ and ‘Adult Classes’. By segmenting the audience right away, visitors are quickly able to get to all the available lessons that are available for them.

This simplification also extends to the types of lessons available to both kids and adults, and the path needed to take in order to finally register for lessons. There is also a focus on the instructors and ‘Why Choose Excel’, which helps build a personal connection between Excel Aquatics and visitors.

Another detail that the new design brought out is the ‘Get Registration Alerts’ sign up. This helps to build a sense of scarcity with regards to lesson space, as well as keep current and new customers in the loop on when (and how) they can sign up (so they don’t forget!).

It Worked!

When the new design launched, Mannix Marketing also provided Facebook marketing and paid search services to help generate buzz for the new site and attract new visitors.

Within 3 months of the new site going live almost all of Excel Aquatics’ classes were full. They attributed a great deal of this success to the new website design and how easy it is for visitors to use. Over the course of the first 14 months,  organic search traffic to the website increased by 18%.

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