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Koke Inc. Website Design and Development

Koke Inc.

Koke Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer of construction safety equipment. After years of working with Mannix Marketing on a national SEO program to grow their rankings in the search engines and generate more leads online, it was time to give the website a fresh look and better user-experience. This was especially important for the sake of their rankings, traffic, and conversions in light of Google’s new mobile-friendly ranking criteria. The goals for this project included making the site mobile-friendly, creating a modern and visually engaging design, and ultimately making it easier for prospective customers to find the right equipment for their needs.

Professional Manufacturing Website Design and Development

A streamlined navigation menu and strategically placed calls-to-action simplify the process of finding products on the new website. In addition, we used large, high-quality product photos throughout the site to capture visitors’ attention and let them click-through to product landing pages where they’ll find more detailed product information.

Trusted by a variety of well-known brands- including Global Foundries, Godiva, IBM, and others- Koke’s prestigious customer base is a testament to the quality of their products. It was important to leverage this factor on the new website as a way of building trust with new customers and first-time visitors, so we incorporated the logos of Koke’s prominent clients into the new design.

Attracting More Visitors with a Mobile-Friendly Responsive Website

The new website was built using responsive design to help Koke accommodate mobile device visitors and comply with Google’s new mobile-friendly ranking criteria. Having a responsive designed website means that Koke’s visitors can easily interact with the content, links, buttons, forms and other features of the site on any device.

We’ve already seen immediate improvements to Koke’s traffic from the new website, as more potential customers are coming to the site on multiple devices. Compared to the same time period in 2014, here are the recent traffic stats from the redesigned website:

  • Overall traffic increased by 110%
  • Smartphone traffic increased by 233%
  • Tablet traffic increased by 177%

Retaining SEO through Search Engine-Friendly Development

Another crucial piece of this project was helping Koke retain the SEO value from their existing website and carry it over to the new version. This was a critical step in setting up the new website because our SEO team had been growing Koke’s placements in the search engines for a variety of competitive industry keyword phrases and didn’t want to see those results disappear. By applying SEO-friendly website development techniques throughout the redesign process, Koke’s search engine rankings have remained fully in-tact and traffic from prospective customers continues to flow steadily in to the new website.

Launched: July 2015

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