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Lake George Winter Carnival

Lake George Winter Carnival gives people of all ages plenty to look forward to during the dismal seasons of the year We needed visitors of this site to know there is a lot to do in Lake George, even in the off-season, and this website certainly gets that across. Winter can be extremely boring, but there are a multitude of events going on in Lake George that everyone should know about! By including a WordPress platform, the Lake George Winter Carnival Officials can update events, photos, and last minute changes to their website.

Launched: June 2010

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that you have an exceptional staff. I currently run the website for the Lake George Winter Carnival. In addition to my interactions with your company thought the carnival, my significant other Todd Monahan, recently started using your company for his hot air balloon ride business. I have been nothing but please with all interactions that I have had with your company and very pleased with the results. The ballooning business was much more busy this year, as the carnivals website has more traffic than it ever has. Your staff is always willing to help me with any problem I may run into from a technical standpoint using Word Press. They are always very positive and simplify the situation so it is more user-friendly. I am very pleased with the outstanding customer service your employees provide that I felt it deserved to be pointed out. (Specifically Gavinn and Jamie). Thanks for your time and great service!
Christina Ostrander

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