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LaSalle School

Founded in 1854, LaSalle School provides a variety of support services for adolescent boys and their families. Using their website to educate people about the unique programs and services, it was important that their new website be easy-to-use, allow visitors to request more information, and reflect the organization’s long-standing professional reputation.

In addition, the Board of Directors at LaSalle School needed a secure place on the website where they could share meeting minutes, financial reports, and other important documents.

LaSalle School’s new website places a strong emphasis on their diverse set of programs and services – residential treatment, day education, family-based counseling, and more. A brief summary of each unique service is prominently displayed in the center of the home page as a way of introducing visitors to the services, while custom designed calls-to-action encourage visitors to dive deeper into the site where they can learn more about the service or program that best fits their needs.

Regardless of what device visitors use to browse the website, LaSalle School’s responsive design makes it easy for desktop, tablet, and smartphone visitors to navigate through the site, read about the school’s programs and services, and complete the contact forms to request more information.

Finally, a unique password-protected area on the new website helps the LaSalle Board Members share important documents so they can stay up-to-date with financials, meeting minutes, and more.


Launched: September 2014

The time, patience, and perseverance Mannix took to learn about LaSalle School's work with youth and families, and what professionals, parents, and even the youth themselves want and expect from our website is noteworthy. We've received nothing but enthusiastic and positive comments. SEO is ensuring that LaSalle moves up the ladder being found more quickly.
Marita Jadlos
Director, Office of Communications and Development

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