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Natures Way Pest Control Responsive Website Design, Development, SEO

Nature’s Way Pest Control

Nature’s Way Pest Control has been providing pest removal, mold remediation, and attic insulation to local homeowners and businesses since 2002. As the President of a family-owned business that was facing increased competition, Jason (Jay) Sankey needed a professional website design to help his business stand out from other pest control companies in the upstate New York and Vermont regions. In addition to making his company’s website mobile-friendly, this redesign entailed a major overhaul to the look and feel of the website so as to provide a more professional, modern, and unique visual appeal, convey the company’s professionalism and credibility, and make it incredibly easy for potential customers to contact Nature’s Way Pest Control for their pest removal, mold removal, and attic insulation needs.

Clean, Professional, Responsive Website for a Leading Pest Control Company

Going from a dark existing website to a clean new website helps communicate the professionalism that Jay and his team bring to every project. Visually-appealing page layouts coupled with a light color scheme draws attention to the bold calls-to-action, providing a user-friendly experience as potential customers move through the website to gather more information. While creating a mobile-friendly responsive website enhances the user-experience for homeowners and businesses who are researching local businesses on their mobile devices, it also helps Nature’s Way stand out in the search results since Google’s mobile ranking criteria benefits companies that have a mobile-friendly responsive website.

Designed to Build Trust and Generate Qualified Leads

The click-to-call phone numbers, prominent calls-to-action, and lead generation forms placed strategically across the website create multiple opportunities for converting visitors into leads. According to Jay, “… almost immediately after our site went live, we noticed a huge increase in leads- like a 50% jump or more.”

Handling inquiries from unqualified leads can be very time-consuming for a small business, and it’s a problem many businesses experience when serving a targeted geographic market. To help solve this problem, we created custom graphics throughout the site which reinforce the company’s geographic service area. In turn, this increases the chances that Jay and his team will be contacted by homeowners and businesses from the towns and cities they service in upstate New York and Vermont.

When competing against numerous pest control companies in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Lake George, and beyond, how do you differentiate your business? By featuring trust symbols- such as testimonials, awards, and icons which convey the use of eco-friendly products- in easy-to-find areas on the website, Jay’s new site helps potential customers understand what sets his family-owned business apart from the competition, and ultimately, why they should consider Nature’s Way for solving their pest, mold, and attic insulation needs.

SEO Helps Nature’s Way Rise Above Competing Pest Control Companies

Carrying over the years of Search Engine Optimization that we’d been building into Jay’s existing website through a monthly SEO services program was essential to making this redesign a success for his business. It’s not uncommon for many website design companies to launch a new website without retaining any of the SEO from the existing website. Unfortunately, such missteps can have a detrimental impact on a company’s ability to show up in the search results and attract potential customers from the search engines.

Applying SEO-friendly website development techniques allows the new website to retain the SEO from the existing website. At the at end of the day, this ensures that Nature’s Way can continue to get found by potential customers in the search engines and drive more potential sales opportunities to Jay and his team!

Launched: October 2015

I just wanted to thank you all for producing such an awesome site ... What I can tell you is, almost immediately after our site went live, we noticed a huge increase in leads- like a 50% jump or more. The girls in the office are pleased to send me texts stating how many leads we have gotten each day... I also read about and have been told by you fine people that a responsive site is needed and all others are almost irrelevant. Maybe that is part of what we have experienced with this transition. So thanks for reaching out and basically telling me to make the change. I also understand the value in having Lisa involved monthly in the SEO and she has always been awesome... I feel a surge and I always enjoy momentum and want to take full advantage of this so please let me know what else I can do... Thanks again for everything.
Jason Sankey

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