Why Choose Mannix Marketing

There are lots of reasons to hire Mannix Marketing, perhaps one reason for each of our clients’ unique business needs. But the common thread among all of them is really quite simple:  It’s our business to improve your business. Yes, we make great websites, we can get you found online, and we have highly-trafficked regional guides; but for every service that we provide, our primary goal is to bring you more business and make you more money.

  • We’re great at Organic SEO – Our clients rank well in the search engines. Don’t just take our word for it. Mannix Marketing was nominated in three categories for Best in Search 2015, was the Winner of the 2014 Best in US Search Award for a Finance Website, and the Winner of the 2013 Best in US Search Award for a Retail Website.
  • Customer Service – We’re obsessive about communication and speedy service.
  • Experience – Not only has the company been around almost 20 years, the employees are highly skilled and experienced at their craft.
  • Our Websites Perform Better – That’s a pretty bold statement, but we know it’s true. We design your site with conversions and SEO in mind.
  • You’ll get found in our Local Guides — We’ve built the most popular sites in Upstate NY for locals and travelers. These guides get you found because at Mannix, we know local.

We could tell you more about why you should choose Mannix Marketing for your digital marketing needs, but we’d much rather talk about you, learn about your business and share how you can take your business to the next level.  So, give us a call at (518) 743-9424 and ask to speak to a digital strategist about your online marketing today!