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Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center redesign

Fort William Henry Resort & Conference Center

Fort William Henry needed an online destination that informed visitors of all they have to offer. From a hotel stay to large scale events, this conference center is able to meet any customer’s needs. The simple color scheme allows the impressive views of Lake George to shine, allowing visitors to be in awe of the location of Fort William Henry. This Hotel and Conference Center is constantly hosting new events, so it was imperative to include WordPress on their website, allowing them to easily make updates.

Measuring Success

Prior to the redesign the site traffic was down 12%, after the redesign the traffic increased 53% year over year.  Pages per sessions also increased 42%.  The resort reports that bookings were at an all time high in a year where the STAR reports show that most hotels were down 10%.

Launched: June 2017

Thank You! I know I threw a challenge at you with the web design, but I cannot thank you enough. Our conversion rate (visits to online bookings) has doubled. I and everyone here love the new site and once again...Thank You!
Ida Williams
Director of Marketing

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