Download All Your Facebook Information

Have you ever wanted to have all your Facebook Profile information someplace besides Facebook? Now it’s possible. Facebook has added to capability to have your posts, photos and more downloaded to your computer. That’s great, right? Well, before you go and do this I feel the need to give you a warning. What you want to be wary of is that this is all your Facebook info, and you are now bringing it to your computer. If others have access to the files on your computer you want to make sure to keep it secure.

That being said, it is relatively easy to get the information. Here are the steps I followed that now allow me to see my Facebook history offline.

  • Head to your Account Settings section of your profile
  • Towards the top is an option for ‘Your Facebook Information’ – click it
  • In the middle of the next screen click ‘Download Your Information’
  • On the next screen choose your options and click ‘Create File’
  • The process starts, and Facebook tells you it will let you know when file is ready
  • When you get the email, in it will be a link – click it
  • Click ‘Download’
  • They will ask to verify your password
  • Then the download will begin

In the folder I have html files for friends list, photos, my posts and more. And the info seemed to cover my entire history on Facebook. Pretty neat.

Will you go and grab this info? Can you see a use for it? Let us know.

About Brian McGrath

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