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If you’re interested in getting your business found online, you need to focus on SEO website design. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving your website in order to bring in more clients and potential leads through search engine traffic.

Not all web design companies focus on SEO in the process, which means your beautiful (and expensive!) new website may not get much traffic. At Mannix Marketing, however, we focus on building search engine optimized websites for all our clients, right out of the gate.

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What Sets Our SEO Website Design Services Apart?

  • Custom WordPress Sites With Foundational & Technical SEO

    We create custom WordPress website designs for our clients. In this process, we first tackle the site’s structure. A strong site structure highlights key pages, improves user experience, and signifies to bots what the priority for each page is. The second step is to bake in foundational SEO for core pages. Foundational SEO is important because it optimizes your web pages for the keywords your target market is using when searching the web.

    If we’re redesigning your already existing site, we ensure you won’t lose the value of previous rankings through 301 (permanent) redirects. Broken links can lead to poor user experience and severely impact your search engine rankings, so it’s vital to redirect your old site’s pages to your new one.

    Another key implementation on optimized websites is schema. Schema ‘speaks’ to the bots that crawl your site in a language they can easily understand, which increases the likelihood of your content appearing in results when potential clients search for it.

  • Custom Coding

    Is custom coding important when considering SEO website design? Absolutely! There are two main aspects we focus on when custom-coding a site: page speed and streamlined code.

    If your page speed is too slow, visitors will have a poor experience. If user experience is poor on your site, it will not rank well in search results. Streamlined code also allows bots to crawl through your site and index at a faster pace. Optimized websites should have both.

  • Compliance With WCAG Guidelines

    One consideration that doesn’t often come to mind when thinking of SEO is adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). WCAG guidelines were created in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    WCAG adherence is important in order to better user experience and improve site ranking—abiding by these guidelines may also help you avoid a discrimination lawsuit. Due to these factors, every SEO website design service we provide is completed with WCAG guidelines in mind.

    Your new site is a huge investment—make sure it’s designed with SEO in mind! If you’re ready to maximize your website’s digital marketing capabilities and boost your business, contact Mannix Marketing today.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Through a more robust website and thoughtful Facebook presence, our overall referrals from social media have increased a whopping 107%. Traffic to our website from Facebook has increased dramatically by 1,044% (not a misprint!). But that tells only a part of the story; Mannix’s personal touch and genuine connection with our mission resonated with our key stakeholders to ensure the deliverables we need to survive and thrive in the future.

Chris Lyons, Senior Director and Counsel | AIM Services

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