Underutilized Facebook Tools For Pages

If you read this blog regularly, you know that we strive to make your life easier. And none of the tips we have provided in the past could be simpler than those in this blog, which is a list of Facebook Tools that business Page admins (short for ‘administrators’) can use to get more out of their Facebook presence. The list contains some Social Media tools and apps that we feel are not used by most businesses, but should be.

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The first is the Facebook Question app on your Wall. This is the quickest and simplest way to ask the people that like your Page for feedback. Just type in a question, add possible responses (if you want to) and submit.

Facebook Questions

This is great for a little market research, or just to engage your fans.

The next tool is video. Almost everyone these days has a video camera, either standalone or as part of their phone. So why not film more and share it? For the most part people aren’t expecting high quality, professional video footage and editing all the time, especially in a social media space. So shoot a little video about your business, your products, your service. And then share it. If you get addicted to shooting video, you can even use the Facebook video App for a unique video tab, or use one of the many video apps (like YouTube) to build a more custom tab.

Another quick thing to do to improve the look of your Page is to have the best photos from your photo album be the five that show above your wall. To do this, just head to your Wall. If you are logged in and an admin of the Page, just move your cursor over the photos you don’t want there. An ‘x’ should appear. Click it. When you do, a confirmation box will appear letting you know that that particular photo will not show up on your Facebook Wall, but will still be visible elsewhere. Once you get a picture you like in a spot, move to the next photo in line. Continue until you have 5 photos you want to appear. This keeps the Page looking nice. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of some obscure photos showing there, or 5 very similar photos showing which is probably not what you want to do.

One tip I do on a regular basis is head to the About tab on the business Pages I admin. Facebook regularly adds new fields, so I check in to make sure all the info I can possibly give people is populated. You’d be amazed at how many business Pages don’t have much filled out in the tab, not even the About Box which feeds the left nav, or even contact information.

Lastly, there are many Pages that do not share anything but a Status message. Now, Status messages are great, and definitely should be a part of your Facebook efforts. Put you need to remember how they show up on your fans News feed. They appear amongst pictures of their new baby nephews, amongst posts asking them to join a game and links to the funniest video of the week. If all you send is a little text update, it may be 1 in 10 or 1 in 20 posts that actual stands out and gets read. But if you include photos, videos or links in the posts it will look as appealing as all the others on a personal News feed. The quickest one of these is the link. If you read a blog everyday, or subscribe to a newsletter in your industry, there is plenty to share with a link. When you’re reading them, think to yourself if the information in the piece would be of interest to your customers. When you answer ‘yes,’ take that link and share it on your Wall. When you do, a title and blurb from that page are automatically added to the Post, along with an image from the page.

And you can easily edit the text and look for different images. All you then need to do is write a brief statement as to why your fans should click on the link. You’re done. You’ve now provided the people who like your Page with some great information and they will remember it came from you.

Which of these tools will you try first? Do they really make your life and Internet marketing campaigns easier? Let us know.

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