The creation of a successful Google AdWords Account has historically been to follow the guidelines by making sure your keywords are in your Title and that your Description represents your product or service. Here at Mannix Marketing, we’re going to suggest that you … MIX IT UP! Get feisty with your ad copy and here are some hints on how.

Let’s use an example within the category of travel. If you are a lodging facility, let the searchers know about a new package you are promoting or an upcoming city-wide event. Last minute travelers, especially during holiday seasons, would appreciate availability or special rates within your ad copy. Don’t hesitate to let them know that you are open for business, have rooms available and will even discount the rate if they call now. Of course, you need to make sure that when they click on your ad that it goes to the corresponding page which will give them further information about what your ad refers.

If you put chocolates on the pillows, if you put flowers in the rooms, if you won an award, you’ve got an idea for a Google Ad.

A local area bed and breakfast uses a title similar to “Husband School? No – The **”. The description goes on to describe how they will be pampered if they stay at this particular Inn. This is an intriguing title, with a supportive description, and the ad receives a significant amount of clicks.

Another, during the 4th of July holiday, used an ad similar to this:
Rest & Relax for July 4th
Rooms available for holiday
Weekend – 10% discount applicable

Including specific information in your Google Ad does require a bit more time for management. Once the 4th of July weekend was over, the above ad needed to be revised. However, once you get into the habit of making modifications, you’ll find you can probably easily manage the additional moments it takes to keep ads fresh, up to date and intriguing.

Start tempting, tantalizing and teasing your searchers with what they will find if they click on your ad. They don’t need basic information at this stage, if they are searching for something, odds are they already know the basics. Now is the time to show them the difference between you and your competitor, in three short, character limited sentences. Use your space wisely.

If you’d like Mannix Marketing to MIX IT UP for you, contact us for a quote. Now offering landing page creation, ad creation, and ppc management.

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