Mailbox Review – “Top 563 Ways To …”

As I stated in a previous blog on newsletters, I tend to receive and read more than the average person. And as I look in my email folder for newsletters, the subject lines sometimes read like a countdown to liftoff: “Organic SEO Top 10 Myths”, “Top Six Internal Linking Tactics To Get Top Google Rankings” or “3 Simple Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business Explained”…you get the point.

With so many lists of tips and tricks coming at you, how do you decide which ideas to keep in the forefront, and which ones to keep on file? Do you gather all the #1 tips and have at it? Stick with just Top 3 lists because they seem manageable?

Well, there are probably a number of ways to effectively tackle them, but here’s the thought process that works for me: Reliability –> Relevance –> Actionability

What I do first relates back to my blog on SEO Tools. I take the lists with a ‘grain of salt’ and see which advice, tips and tools would truly be something that would benefit a website, and which ones would benefit a website or business I am working with (overtime I have come to subscribe to newsletters that deal with topics that relate more towards the businesses I work with, which helps).

From there, I find the ones that I actually CAN act on (no sense in putting online catalog advice into action if there isn’t a catalog on the website, right?), and then find the ones that I WILL actually act on. As you know, if you add up all the tips you would probably be in the thousands within a few days. As much as I’d like to be able to do everything, I know I have limitations. To that end, finding tips that will work for a site and are things that can be implemented for a site are the key to success.

Now, this isn’t to say that I don’t keep the tips I don’t act upon in mind, or that I don’t save newsletters to browse through again to find something that may be relevant today that wasn’t yesterday. I do (I’m a pack rat like that). As websites and businesses evolve, advice that may not have been relevant 6 months ago may be what I need today.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to always be doing what’s right for the website and the site visitors. By keeping that in mind you’ll be able to figure out which tips will help your site launch.

About Brian McGrath

Over the past 20 years, Brian has experienced many aspects of marketing, including brand management, copywriting, campaign coordination, paid search marketing, social media marketing and internet marketing. Brian now uses this knowledge to help our clients maximize their presence on the internet. His expertise in all things marketing gives our clients – and the Mannix Marketing SEO team – a distinct advantage in all areas of search. His extraordinary analytic skills provide SEO, social media and paid search clients with real, measurable results. To maintain his cutting edge expertise, Brian stays current on the latest trends in social media and digital marketing by reading industry publications, attending conferences, and consulting with peers.

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