Adirondack Adventure Center Advertising Efforts for Local Adventure Center Reach Over 2 Million Impressions

Adirondack Adventure Center is an innovative outdoor recreation facility located in Lake Luzerne. At the Center, adventurers of all ages and experience levels can enjoy exciting outdoor activities. 

The competition for this type of experience has increased over the years, and many new businesses have come onto the market. With that in mind, Adirondack Adventure Center decided to boost their marketing efforts to encourage increased growth and brand recognition.

For years, has been a go-to guide for things to do in the Lake George area. The site has a large and active community, which made it the ideal spot for Adirondack Adventure Center to advertise.

After meeting with the Center, Mannix’s tourism marketing team decided that a multifaceted approach would be the ideal marketing strategy.

The Results

  • 2M Overall Brand Impressions
  • 203k Reached on Social Media
  • 14k Clicks and engagements on social media

Our tourism marketing experts created an innovative program that included:

  • Sponsored Articles
  • Facebook Promotions
  • Newsletter Features

The Facebook promotions targeted specific interests, such as ‘Outdoor Recreation’ and ‘Adventure Travel’. Each promotion was designed to reach a different combination of interests to ensure the ads reached more than one audience. 

Sponsored articles featured on pack a lot of punch. Once the article on Adirondack Adventure Center was written, it was advertised on social media and in our newsletters as well. The article was featured in different places, such as our ‘Things To Do’ section on, which increased the number of impressions and was able to drive a high amount of traffic to the Center’s website.

The final aspect of their marketing campaign was featured in our newsletter. The Center was able to reach a targeted audience of people in the area looking for recreational, outdoor, and family-friendly activities to do.


Additional Marketing Brings this Marketing Program to the Next Level

To top off their crafted campaign, the Mannix Marketing team decided to add display ads on for additional marketing and increased brand exposure. 

Thanks to Mannix Marketing’s tourism marketing team and, these combined advertising efforts reached over 2 million viewers. The Center’s brand recognition and sales both increased due to this campaign.

Working with Mannix Marketing has been a pleasure. Each Spring I meet with their representatives to come up with the best and most cost-effective way to market my business and they are always helpful with insightful suggestions. There is someone always there to help. It’s clear they know what they are doing.

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