A'la Mode Facebook Post on a Phone

Viral Facebook Post Turns Lake George Ice Cream Shop Into A Must Visit Destination

A’ la Mode went from a sleepy shop to a destination fr visitors and locals all vying to #GetYourFreakShakeOn. 

A’ la Mode was a new ice cream shop in Lake George suffering from a lack of foot traffic due to an off-the-beaten-track location tucked inside a village mall. 

The owner of A’ la Mode, Vedanta du Mas, reached out to Mannix Tourism to help increase awareness of her new business, specializing in delicious, hand-crafted ice cream and decadent “Freakshakes”.

The Results

  • 100%Viral!
  • 950Positive Comments
  • 380Shares

What Happened? 

A’ La Mode’s du Mas worked with our team of digital marketing experts to gain visibility for her shop. In addition to display ads and listings on LakeGeorge.com, the team crafted a Facebook post that went viral overnight. In one weekend, the #GetYourFreakshakeOn Facebook post had over 480 likes, 950+ comments, and 380+ shares, resulting in such high demand the shop briefly ran out of ice cream! 

As a result, du Mas created a new #FreakshakeChallenge for people looking to try A’ La Mode’s creative and innovative “Freakshake” concoctions. Since the post, du Mas’ business exploded in popularity and grew to become a top competitor for unique food in the Lake George region.


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It was just what we needed to get people to notice us in the community,” said du Mas, “and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Vedanta du Mas | A'La Mode Ice Cream Shop