Empire Foam Solutions website on mobile and laptop screens.

SEO Program Draws Marine Professionals: Organic Traffic +139%

Empire Foam Solutions is a marine grade foam manufacturer and installer. They are also the creators of the industry changing M-Power Spray Foam System for contractors. Empire Foam Solutions wanted to get more leads while growing as a resource and authority in both fields. The SEO program focused technical SEO and content creation including researching and writing blogs that answered marine industry questions. Building off this resource base, an FAQ section was added, with schema to provide quick hitting facts to answer user’s queries. The e-commerce section’s copy was thin, so full product descriptions were crafted, and calls to action were added to the Google My Business listing. The results were pageviews are up 86% and calls are up 267%.

The Results

  • 139% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 32% Increase in Session Duration
  • 267% Increase in Calls