Nonprofit Sees 71% Increase in Leads Following Website Redesign & Marketing Program

Friends in Adoption is a non-profit, pro-choice, newborn adoption agency focused on helping people make informed decisions concerning adoption. Their mission is to focus on the needs of each child and to provide compassionate adoption services for the unique individuals involved in the adoption process. The nonprofit partnered with Mannix Marketing after a decline in organic visibility. They wanted to increase organic traffic and help more pregnant individuals considering adoption. Mannix created a custom SEO and PPC program, and engaged in a thoughtful website redesign.


The Results

  • 71% Increase in Leads
  • 82% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 13% Increase in Traffic

The SEO program’s goal was to address foundational and technical issues with the website, create helpful new content, and drive meaningful traffic to the site. The PPC program focused on highlighting individual families to pregnant individuals considering adoption.

After addressing foundational issues with the site it was agreed that the website had user experience issues such as an outdated design, poor page speed, bloated navigation, and complicated conversion process. A new website was designed to address these issues. The design uses warm and friendly colors that matches the warm and friendly nature of the staff. The sitemap was paired down and reorganized so that important information was easier to find. Special programming was added so that adoption profiles randomly generated on each load, that way no one family was given more visibility than another.

The results from the combination of these efforts were profound. The client started out not ranking on page 1 for any of their targeted keywords. That has grown to 39 keywords on page 1. That number is consistently growing.  Traffic has been readjusted to eliminate spam and incorrect/irrelevant audiences and grow traffic from the correct audience. As a result overall traffic as increased by 13%, and conversion rates increased from 1.61% to a strong 3.48%.