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Law Firm Chooses Mannix Marketing For Web Redesign

Gillberg Law Firm, LLC is a local real estate law firm in the Albany region. They chose Mannix Marketing to design and develop a mobile friendly, responsive website that would showcase their expertise to potential clients. The result was an SEO-friendly website that highlighted the services they offered and made it easy for visitors to contact the firm for a consultation.

Gillberg Law Firm has an expertise in real estate law. They needed to partner with a digital marketing agency that could provide the same level of expertise when it came to designing and developing their online presence. They chose Mannix Marketing.

From beginning to end, Gillberg Law Firm and Mannix Marketing worked towards a website with a current look and feel, that was easy to navigate and directed visitors to call or contact them for a consultation. Through continuous and clear communication, the end result was a website that we are both proud of.