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Retail Makeup & Skincare Company Generates 6.7:1 ROAS Online with Paid Ads

A US-based clean beauty brand, Rejuva Minerals turned to Mannix Marketing to drive product sales and brand visibility online through Google Ads. Mannix worked with this e-commerce brand closely to optimize product listings in the buzzword-driven beauty industry. Informed by a competitive audit of other beauty brands, our campaign optimizations directly improved Rejuva’s ROAS while still keeping true to their brand message.

The Results

  • 6.7:1* ROAS with Google Ads
  • 750k Ad Impressions
  • $120k in Revenue Directly from Ads

* Industry Average ROAS of eCommerce Sites is 2.05:1 (FirstPageSage)

Rejuva Minerals shopping adsAs a clean beauty brand selling makeup and skincare with natural ingredients, Rejuva Minerals saw an opportunity to drive more sales through their online e-commerce store. They partnered with Mannix Marketing to drive both product sales and brand visibility through PPC. Mannix Marketing has tested search campaigns, shopping campaigns, and Performance Max campaigns in order to determine the right balance to maximize the success of the program. Throughout the partnership, consistent and open communication allowed the team to test different ad formats and reach for greater visibility and financial return for the client. Regular performance analysis and guidance has helped Rejuva Minerals to make informed decisions on which products offer the most return from ad spend and which products may not provide a good return.