S3 Range Carts Facebook ad

E-Commerce Site Achieves 4.5:1 ROAS With Facebook Paid Ads

An E-Commerce business specializing in competitive shooting accessories turned to Mannix Marketing to help increase their brand recognition as well as sales. After a discovery meeting and some research, a plan was developed to utilize paid social platforms and an SEO program to help achieve the goals. The results generated, including a 4.54:1 ROAS with Facebook Ads and 31% increase in organic revenue, proved there was something to be gained from these strategies.

The Results

  • 4.5:1* ROAS with Facebook Ads
  • 12.4:1* ROAS from Black Friday through Cyber Monday with Facebook Ads
  • 199% Increase in Revenue

* Industry Average ROAS of Facebook Ads is 1.8:1 (FirstPageSage)

S3 Range Carts Facebook adThe goal of the paid social and SEO program is to increase brand recognition for S3 in the shooting sports industry, as well as increase sales to a broader segment of this market. To achieve success, Mannix started with a Facebook awareness campaign then, once the audience was large enough, a conversion campaign to drive sales. Throughout the year the team ran seasonal campaigns to increase sales during times when purchases were most likely. For the SEO program, we highlighted that products are made in the USA, and we leaned into being a community partner with content focused on competitive shooting. The website’s user interface was also enhanced for a more seamless shopping and checkout process.

The results were fantastic, with some highlights being:

  • The brand awareness campaign delivering over 425 Facebook page likes in 2 months
  • Continuously running conversion campaign delivering a 4.54:1 ROAS during the first 5 months
  • Black Friday conversion campaign delivering a 12.42:1 ROAS (from Black Friday through Cyber Monday)
  • 199% increase in revenue
  • 31% increase in organic traffic
  • 8 new first place rankings in Google
  • 142% increase in search terms in top 5 in Google