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Why You Should Include Facebook in Your Digital Marketing Mix

With users spending an average of almost an hour a day on the platform, using Facebook for small business marketing is more important to your bottom line than ever. Why?

  • Audience – Despite reports that teens are eschewing Facebook, which they see as a platform for their parents, Facebook still has the most users, the largest reach, and the best tools for integrated marketing. Should you focus solely on Facebook in your social media marketing? That’s going to depend on your business and target audiences. But with over 1.1 billion people logging on every day, promoting your brand on Facebook is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.
  • Relationships – Facebook is an excellent platform for building personal relationships with your customers through quality content, comment interactions, and even live customer service. Not only do your customers see added value from these interactions, but you can also glean incredibly useful and relevant insights.
  • High-Quality Traffic – Because Facebook allows users to choose to follow your posts, you know that the engagements with your posts are coming from qualified leads and existing customers who want to be involved in your brand.
  • Segmentation, Targeting & Profitable Audiences – Facebook has sophisticated tools for targeting boosted posts to incredibly precise segments of your existing and potential audience based on demographics, behavior, and more. Facebook also allows marketers to use something called retargeting to send personalized posts and ads to users who have visited your website or another of your social media accounts.

What a Facebook Marketing Consultation Can Do for You

Our team of social media marketing experts can help your company

  • Create New Company Pages
  • Refresh and Revitalize Existing Accounts
  • Uncover Waste and Identify Opportunity
  • Generate More Leads and Sales via Social Media
  • Develop Custom Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Manage and Promote Superior Social Media Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Delight Existing Followers with Personalized Content

What Our Clients Are Saying

These folks are true professionals! Our organization asked Mannix to present at a recent workshop and Amberly Rundell showed true expertise regarding the topic of successful social media in a business platform. In addition, I was impressed with the customized account service provided by Valleri James.

Patti Voska | Holiday Inn Express

These folks are true professionals! I have worked with Mannix many times over the last 10 years but recently was wowed again. Our organization asked Mannix to present at a recent workshop and Amberly Rundell showed true expertise on successful social media in a business platform. I was also impressed with the expertise provided by Valerie James. Great working with them!

Patti Voska | Holiday Inn Express Clifton Park

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