Daniel RahimzadehDigital Marketing Strategist

Mannix Marketing employee Daniel Rahimzadeh.

About Daniel

Daniel Rahimzadeh joined the Mannix Marketing team in 2023 as a Digital Marketing Strategist. Daniel holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Houston. Daniel’s past experience includes working at a Houston-based agency, where he specialized in social media management and PPC advertising.

Daniel has earned certifications from the American Marketing Association, the Digital Marketing Institute, and the Google Career Certificate in Digital Marketing, reinforcing his commitment to staying ahead in the digital marketing landscape.

Outside the world of marketing, Daniel finds his joy in sports, particularly supporting Schalke 04, his hometown team, and Arsenal, a cherished childhood favorite. He also loves traveling, cooking (and eating), and playing sports and video games with his friends in his spare time.

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Fun Facts about Daniel

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had?
Learning to scuba dive in the Persian Gulf.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?
I think pineapple goes great with certain pizza’s!

Favorite season of the year, and what do you love most about it?
Winter, because it’s the only time of the year in Houston where you can actually go outside without overheating.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Either a soccer player, a bus driver, or a doctor.