6 Tips on The Power of Persuasion translated for Digital Marketing

One of my all time favorite speakers is Dr. Robert Cialdini, who spoke for Stanford in 2001.  I watched the video a long time ago and  Dr. Cialdini’s principles are as valuable today as they were 12 years ago.

First Principle: Reciprocation

Mannix Marketing Retweets Dr. Cialdini
If you want to influence be the first to give: service, information or even a concession. This was introduced for “at work” influencing clients to buy your service or a co-worker to buy into your idea. Reciprocation is alive and well in the digital marketing world as well.

Give first (not necessarily to receive) but you’ll be surprised at how your cup overflows when you are generous.  Retweet great ideas, help others solve their questions and ask nothing in return.  Time tested and true.

Did you ever have someone bake you a pie? Didn’t you immediately want to do something back to thank that person?  That’s reciprocity…

Second Principle: Scarcity

Hurry up, we're almost out!

“The Rule of the Rare” genuine scarcity, unique features, exclusive information. Here you have to watch his video to get this concept, it’s not about tricking someone and saying you only have one left but true scarcity. In e-commerce that might be just showing your quantities available.

Why does it work? If there is only one left, I might just rush to buy it. If something is exclusive, rare or scarce, we want it.  So if you have something exclusive, rare or scarce, don’t be afraid to let the person you want to influence, know it.

Third Principle: Authority

Showing Knowing, you establish your position through professionalism, industry knowledge, credentials and admitting weakness first. In digital marketing we do this through trust symbols, white papers, blogs.  However, the idea of admitting weakness has not been established.

I love this idea. Know what you can’t do or don’t do well and admit it, then establish your authority with what you DO know. Your clients and co-workers will respect you for it.

Fourth Principle: Consistency

The Starting Point, start small and build with existing commitments, from public positions and toward voluntary choices. I liken this idea to the Hubspot, “date first before you ask someone to marry you”: ask someone to commit to small voluntary choices to agree as you go along before you hit them with the big question, do you want to buy.

Fifth Principle: Liking

Get out there and start liking! Making friends to influence people; uncover similarities, areas for genuine compliments and opportunities for cooperation. This is a gold mine for social media, genuinely like and make friends, one on one.

Like Dale Carnegie says, ask questions, learn, be genuinely interested and you will make friends and influence people.

Sixth Principle: Consensus

People proof, people power, unleash people power by showing; responses of many others, others’ past successes and testimonials of similar others. I chuckled as the term “social proof” was coined as it’s really a new phrase for Consensus a principle that Dr. Cialdini shared years ago and is just as true today.

Great speakers find ways to reach their audience and awaken the understanding of these principals, to hear a a great speaker talk about social proof in modern terms, I love Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday.

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