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Finding a great marketing company is hard, for every great marketing company, there are easily 1000 that talk the talk but don’t actually walk the walk. Worse, those 999 are usually the largest, loudest and most vocal, with their sales force trained in yellow page sales, radio, TV, and print, knocking on your door without a true understanding of SEO and digital marketing. Want to learn more about how to tell the great companies from the disappointments? Read this blog post on how to tell the great SEO companies from the terrible ones. Or avoid the pitfalls and hire us, you’ll be glad you did!

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We have won our industry’s highest award for organic search engine optimization for three years in a row and were nominated for three major awards in 2016 and have been shortlisted for our work on Gettysburg Flagworks for 2017. We competed against companies like Disney and Key Bank as well as some of the top agencies in the country. We are a small boutique firm founded in 1996 that prides itself in big results. Of the three awards, one nomination was for our work on KOKE INC. The direct sales increased 50% this year due to our efforts. The previous year, we won the Best in US Search Award for Best SEO in the finance division (against Key Bank). For that customer, we also increased his overall business by over 35%. Prior to that, we won the award for Best SEO in the e-commerce retail category for Atlantic British www.RoverParts.com. If you google any keywords related to land rover parts, range rover parts, LR3 parts, etc… they come up first in organic search. Our specialists have 7-19 years of experience and we have a 98% client retention rate.