Twitter: SMO Best Practice or Passing Fad?

Twitter…what? Just when you think you’ve found the ultimate internet marketing tool, a viral media wizard…a social networking authority – the dishing begins! It’s undeniable that Twitter has ushered in a completely new era in microblogging and social media development. Yet while ‘twittering’ and ‘tweeting’ has fast becoming a mainstream mode of sharing information, there is suddenly a rising media backlash aimed at disproving the idea that Twitter is – to be modest – the next best thing!

Do the naysayers know something we don’t? Or are they just feeling left out? Jon Stewart of The Daily Show recently gave Twitter a good fist shake.

What comes through loud and clear is that those who don’t use it – haven’t! To the uninitiated (or unmotivated) user, Twitter can seem confusing and puzzling. But honestly – with all the twittering and tweeting going on in the halls of Congress – how hard can it be?

Twitter has taken the world of social networking and social media optimization to a new level. Twitterers (Tweeters? Twits? Twerps?) joyfully share everything from what they’re doing at any given moment to the branding of goods and services that is cheap and effective 140 characters at a time!  The truth is that building an online network has never been easier or more fun, with millions signing up to take part in the real-time phenom and no end of the growth in sight. And the real key: Twitter is being found in Google search  more and more frequently.

Yes, real time inclusion can lead to frivolous or mundane messaging. But the real gem that twinkles through all the perceived ‘warts’ on the Twitter bandwagon is the fact that Twitter is definitely here to stay! It’s easy to use, highly relevant and it offers an opportunity for small businesses and large to take advantage of an incredible internet marketing environment.

If you’re using it, you already know. If not, companies like Mannix Marketing, Inc. offer social media optimization development plans that include a brand-building environment on Twitter as part of their basic social media optimization package. So, no matter what the tweet-phobes may say, it’s a good thing!

About Sara Mannix

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