Laptop & Mobile Screens Of BDP Industries

Responsive Website Design showcases BDP's Dewatering Systems

BDP Industries needed a modern, easy-to-use website to help prospective customers see what made their dewatering, thickening, and composting equipment unique. Although their existing website provided some helpful information, it was lacking a certain visual appeal that would help them cater to their target audience and convey their credibility.

As prospective customers land on the new home page, a clean and user-friendly layout provides a strong visual and verbal introduction to BDP’s solutions while strategic calls-to-action encourage them to dive deeper into the site for more information. In turn, the new website makes it easy for prospective customers to explore BDP’s solutions and get in touch with BDP personnel so they can explain their needs.

In addition, the team at BDP Industries now has the ability to keep their website up-to-date with new products and information simply by making these changes through a user-friendly Content Management System.